Vinyl Williams :: World Soul

A solid new tune from Vinyl Williams, which is essentially a nod to Ice House with more layers of modulated guitar and atmosphere. Needs more "hurt" though.

Lakker :: Pylon

Dark tidal waves of liquid metal? YES. Berlin's Lakker bring a pulsating storm of mid-tempo, "burned-out from the inside"-tech to remind you that electronic music isn't always about lifting a crowd but rather reminding us all that you always have to come down at some point, and it's not so pleasant. As muddy and dark as this track is there's something pretty and almost calming beneath the surface.

Agoria :: Baptême

This is some amazing minimal techno right here, and easily one of the best dark techno singles of 2015. I can say that without any hesitation. Pre-order the physical release at Kompakt.

Mood Edit :: Broken

The tension and excitement created by these rapid firing kicks is like 90% of the track's hook. Think about that when you put your music together. Your beat blueprint is so incredibly important that it should be able to live by itself and move a room. The "Speak & Spell" layer here is gold too. It almost sounds accidental at times but this is so great who really cares. Go mine the New Kanada site, it's worth it.