Electric Youth :: Runaway :: Video

Check out the new video for Electric Youth's immersive single "Runaway", directed by Noel Paul. The band's debut full-length, Innerworld, is out now.

Dreamcrusher :: La Haine

Dreamcrusher's "La Haine" is brutal and overwhelming. Luwayne Glass creates a harsher and more painful array of distortion that builds from releases by pioneers Medicine and Astrobrite only there's just a hint of melody completely anchored by bass lines and throbbing drums. "La Haine" explodes from start to finish, but there's also a hypnotic lull that occurs during the first thirty seconds. It's a similar experience when listening to Medicine's "One More" for the first time -- you don't believe what you're hearing yet you know something grand is about to take place. In this case it's a colossal wave of noise.

Mr. Twin Sister :: In The House Of Yes

Out of the three tracks offered so far from Mr. Twin Sister's forthcoming, self-titled album ("Out of the Dark", "Blush", and now "In the House of Yes") I can say without hesitation that there's definitely a consistent theme of deep house and sweeping instrumentation in store for you. Think of this newly streaming track as a pole vault into much higher stratospheres compared to what the band were conveying on their debut album In Heaven, which was definitely fun and funky at times, but also not very memorable, at least in contrast to the magnetic future disco of "In the House of Yes". The layers of strings and elastic, almost synthetic, bass seem to intertwine and expand over Andrea Estella's perfect voice at just the right moments, whereas her vocals really dominated the band's previous work.

Not that Andrea isn't the most important component to this band, but Mr. Twin Sister don't sound like they're paying attention to themselves at all or even trying to focus on one specific dynamic as there are a multitude of layers to stare at. The production/mixing is sublime too, allowing the melodies to stick to every surface. I don't think I'm capable of understanding the listener who doesn't want to immediately add this track to a mix or DJ set.

Aphex Twin :: Minipops 67 [120.2] [Source Field Mix]

Lovely new Aphex Twin track (It's been 13 fucking years) from the forthcoming album, Syro, due from WARP on September 22. I swear I hear Martin Gore singing over those vocals during the latter half. Can't wait for this album to drop you have no idea.

Shanti Celeste :: Universal Glow EP

We shared the moody title track form Shanti's forthcoming Universal Glow EP (Broadwalk) in our latest mix but you can now sample a preview of all three tracks below.

Electric Youth :: A Real Hero (SC Live Session, Pt. 1) :: Video

Electric Youth perform the anthemic and timeless love song "A Real Hero" in part one of this Secretly Canadian live session. If you haven't already, check out their undeniable single "Runaway" from the band's forthcoming full-length, Innerworld, due September 30.