Basic House :: Harlequin

Speaking of heavy, this bass/house mover vibrates with the slightest hint of overblown distortion, which happens to be a key ingredient in many of Bishop's tracks. "Harlequin" is pretty amazing though and is his best effort to date.

Clark :: The Grit in the Pearl

Heavy new track form Chris Clark. "The Grit in the Pearl" is the second taste from his forthcoming WARP release, Clark. Pre-order here. Serious Body Riddle vibes here...

SOSMIX 10.1.14

This week, September 28th to be exact, would have been the late Trish Keenan's 46th birthday. Broadcast are a major influence of mine and to say I'm a "fan" doesn't even scratch the surface of what their music means to me. In this mix, check out the never-before released demo of Tender Buttons' "Tears in the Typing Pool".

Electric Youth :: Runaway :: Video

Check out the new video for Electric Youth's immersive single "Runaway", directed by Noel Paul. The band's debut full-length, Innerworld, is out now.

Dreamcrusher :: La Haine

Dreamcrusher's "La Haine" is brutal and overwhelming. Luwayne Glass creates a harsher and more painful array of distortion that builds from releases by pioneers Medicine and Astrobrite only there's just a hint of melody completely anchored by bass lines and throbbing drums. "La Haine" explodes from start to finish, but there's also a hypnotic lull that occurs during the first thirty seconds. It's a similar experience when listening to Medicine's "One More" for the first time -- you don't believe what you're hearing yet you know something grand is about to take place. In this case it's a colossal wave of noise.